After last night’s Let’s Talk iPhone event, I’m open to trying out new mobile phones again! Ever since I got my 3GS, I’ve been rather stubborn that no other phone can replace the iPhone, but having used iPhone for two years now, I’m beginning to get bored of it. Not that I’ll not consider buying the 4GS, just that I think I should give other brands a chance.

My lifestyle for the next one year, in wait for iPhone 5, I’ll need the following features in my phone:

  • great camera (8mp and above) to capture shots of kids in action with good lens, light sensitivity and macro shots
  • email access
  • good UI for access to Facebook, twitter, instagram, flickr, wordpress, google apps, dropbox and whatsapp
  • good photo editing apps equivalent to camera+, photoshake and pictureshow on iOS
  • at least 16GB storage
  • good speakers

Anyone has got a better alternative than the iPhone 4S for my needs? If not I’ll have to join the queue on 28 Oct! -_-“