Make-up is always the last thing in my mind when I’m planning for an outing. Even if it’s when meeting my girlfriends, who will doll-up and make on make-up, in town. When I do put on something, it’ll be minimum, with some powder coverage and concealer to cover my forever black dark under eyes and some lip and cheek color.

I do however have a very bad habit to buy a whole new set of cosmetics when I need to put on proper full makeup; for weddings, dinners and such. Most of these ended up used a few times and then into the trash. Only selected few get to be used on days where I need to go out for meetings or for formal events.

Lately, I feel that I need to start dolling myself a little else I’ll end up looking like a older hag than I am now. The little will include concealer for the dark under eyes, foundation for the coverage and a lip color to brighten up my face. shu uemura new lip colors came just at the right time when I was looking for a new shade to add to my collection.

My pick from the 36 shades of the rouge unlimited range is BG941. A beige shade that fits me pretty well.

shu uemura rouge unlimited collection indulge in a revolutionary formula that provides intense, long-term moisture. The ‘moisture lock cream’ creates a barrier layer that keeps three ‘moisture active’ ingredients close to the lip surface. These three moisture actives are jojoba seed oil, ceremide and shea butter.

From nude to bold, the new rouge unlimited lips colors are for all women who say it best with their lips. The new rouge unlimited has a sleek packaging, while maintaining its initial philosophy of providing convenience. With a transparent convex cap, it allows one to know the color in a single glance.

The new rouge unlimited range is available at all shu uemura beauty counters island wide at S$39.