I’m back in action with my new iPad. And its housed in a blue Targus slim case, which I kinda regret buying. Here’s a quick review on the Targus Slim Case for the new iPad (3rd generation iPad).

Front view of the Targus Slim Case
Back view of the Targus Slim Case (With Jot Pro stylus attached)
Targus Slim Case fully opened with iPad inside
Hands free viewing angle
Ergonomic typing angle

So far, the Targus Slim Case looks pretty good right? Slim and compact, nice color and the texture of the skin feels good too. It allows the iPad to stand at the two most needed angles. And even has a elastic holder for stylus at back of the case. The only problem I have with this case is that it doesn’t allow me to hold my iPad at a proper ‘holdable’ position with case opened and folded.

Problem: It doesn't go flat when cover is fully opened and pushed to back of iPad

With the bulge like that, how to hold the iPad and use it while on the move? Its neither ergonomic nor useful to have the case folded and looking like that.

The cover will go flat with the case looking like this (image below). Again, how does one hold the iPad, writes or types on it when on the move?

Flats with one-third of cover folded

Am very disappointed that this Targus slim case has such bad design. Wasted $79.90 on it. Am considering cutting off the cover, leave the back cover and buy the original iPad magnetic cover for it. Should I?