Travel with a peace of mind with TravellerShield

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This post is for you bro! Since you’re heading to Tokyo in November! *jealous* Why didn’t I win the lucky draw? Why you so lucky! *sad*
Was window shopping at Takashimaya and saw DBS TravellerShield having some promotion going on. Went to kaypoh and ended up taking part in their photo contest to win a pair of air tickets to Hong Kong! I love Hong Kong, of course must take part!


If you are heading to town this weekend, go snap a shot with your friends for FREE and stand a chance to win a pair of tickets to Hong Kong on Cathay Pacific airways!

Extracted from the event details I found, here’s how the contest works…

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This event is happening on 26 and 27 Oct from 12PM to 9PM at Ngee Ann City Atrium Basement 2.


There’s a photo booth on site where you can take your photos for FREE! Your photo will then be uploaded on to the DBS Facebook page and you will then need to tag yourself and share your photo with your friends and family. Because, the photo with the most likes will win a pair of tickets to Hong Kong!

Voting ends 11 Nov at 12PM! Go VOTE for me now![/box]

With the school holiday nearing, and the EOY bonuses coming in, many of you may be traveling. Since my family may be traveling soon too, I searched online to find out more about TravellerShield, and here’s what I found…

[pullquote type=”2″ align=”left”]25% off the premium for TravellerShield Single Trip Premier Plan and Classic & Premier Annual Plan + Free Gift, from now till 31 December 2013
DBS TravellerShield (provided by MSIG Insurance) is offering a 25% off the premium for TravellerShield Single Trip Premier Plan and Classic & Premier Annual Plan from now till 31 December 2013! Plus you’ll get to receive free gift and also a very useful new feature call TravelAlert.

TravelAlert Service is especially useful and handy when traveling in countries where you don’t speak their local language. Imagine you watching local news or listening to local radio while out shopping and they were announcing some upcoming extreme weather that you’ll need to be cautious about, because you don’t understand their language, you missed this important piece of news; worst if you get caught in the extreme weather while you’re outdoor. With TravelAlert, you’ll get all these notifications via SMS on your phone in English! This means you’ll have a stress free holiday. This I must share with my brother who’s flying to Tokyo in November!

TravelAlert Service

TravellerShield’s complimentary TravelAlert Service keeps you informed with important information about your travel destination when you are overseas via SMS. These alerts will provide you with early warning for you to take action or make alternative plans. These alerts include:

  • Political unrest, war and terrorism
  • Extreme weather, earthquakes and natural disasters
  • Public transportation delays, riot, strikes
  • Health related information like outbreaks and contamination

These alerts are sent via AidCom. AidCom sources information from more than 600 news media, and governmental Agencies such as NOAA Pacific Tsunami Warning Center. It aims to alert travellers within five minutes of a safety/security related event first being published in a credible news source.

Of course, you can turn this service on/off whenever you want to. Find out more and the terms and conditions here or watch the video below…

*TravelAlert Service is exclusive to the new TravellerShield Single Trip Premier Plan and Classic & Premier Annual Plan purchases via the DBS website or branches.

DBS TravellerShield comes in Single Trip Plan or Annual Plan for the frequent flyers. The coverage benefits has been updated and is very comprehensive. Will be getting the Single Trip Plan for my family if our planned trip this December is confirmed. *fingers crossed*

For more details, check out DBS Facebook Page.