Casio Singapore unveils their top-of-the-line EX-ZR1200, the latest addition to the renowned EXILIM series.

Boasting a new 5-axis/5-stop High Speed Anti Shake function, Skin Brightening function, and the time lapse function, this 16.1-megapixel digital camera would be a gem to photographers who are always on-the-go and eager to capture picture-worthy moments, as they happen.

Along with its predecessors, EX-ZR800 and EX-ZR1000 in the EXILIM EX-series, the EX-ZR1200 continues to marry the best in technology and style. Incorporating a 180 degrees tilt-type high-definition LCD display, alongside the brand-new Brightening function, the camera takes flattering shots at many angles and makes skin appear smoother and brighter, making EX-ZR1200 the ideal camera for taking self-portraits.

With the holiday season in tow, the lightweight EX-ZR1200 would be the perfect companion to bring along to capture precious moments while travelling. The new HS Anti Shake image stabilising capability means users can move their cameras to merge consecutive shots in 5 axis directions, and eliminates the need for tripods in certain situations, ensuring that picture-perfect moments in various angles will not be lost. Fitting nicely in the hand, together with a weight of only 256g (inclusive of battery and memory card), the user is able to take crystal-clear pictures be it on the beach, while taking a hike in the nature or simply roaming the bustling streets of cities.

The Time Lapse utility, which enables users to photograph at timed intervals followed by combining the images
to depict movement and flow, enables users to experiment with different shots and bring their photography
skills and creativity to a whole new level. The EX-ZR1200 makes way for more engaging and multi-sensory
visuals to be created by users.

The new EX-ZR1200 is available in four vivid colors, yellow, pink, white and black and its recommended retail price is at