Roll the dice, pass GO, and get ready to take your MONOPOLY token on a trip around the world! In celebration of the MONOPOLY brand’s 80th anniversary, Hasbro, Inc. has teamed up with social news and entertainment company BuzzFeed to ask fans to choose which great cities around the world will be featured as property spaces in the new MONOPOLY HERE & NOW: World Edition game launching this fall.



Powered by BuzzFeed, the MONOPOLY HERE & NOW property space vote, including a special “Wild Card Week” will begin today at Through March 5, fans can pick from a list of global destinations that will be featured in the MONOPOLY HERE & NOW: World Edition game to be sold globally this fall. From London to Cape Town, fans can rally behind their beloved hometowns, favorite vacation spots, or cities on their travel bucket lists by sharing the vote on Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag #VoteMONOPOLY as well as engage with fun BuzzFeed content featuring the cities in the vote.

From March 4 through March 10, all cities big and small will have the chance to compete for two spaces on the MONOPOLY HERE & NOW game boards during “Wild Card Week.” Fans can “write-in” additional locations not included in the initial list of destinations and the cities with the most submissions during this week will be featured as the two brown property spaces in the new game.

Let’s put Singapore on the map in the MONOPOLY HERE & NOW: World Edition Game, by voting for our country. Show your love for the Lion City as we unite in harmony to vote Singapore into one of the world’s favourite family games. VOTE NOW at!