Singapore Design Week 2019 Tote Bag

We are all designers. Yes we are.

According to Wikipedia, Design is the intentional creation of a plan or specification for the construction of an object or system or for the implementation of an activity or process.

Everyday we would (or should) wake up with an intention to create or to solve a problem. You creating a plan to help improve your daily routine, coming up with a solution to a problem your boss/ client throw at you. Even the thought of bringing people or things together for an activity, we will make use of some form of design, or for the lack of terms – design thinking.

So I was given the opportunity to partake in this year’s Singapore Design Week and play a small part in bringing the programmes and experiences from offline to online.

After 14 days and more than 1,300 photos taken on my mobile phone, why not record this on TCP (The Claudia Post) right? So here goes…

Design Brings Community Together

Being part of a community has always been a part of our lives, but in this age of living, individuals spend more hours online than anything else, the need to bring people together in real life becomes quite a challenge.

Through Design, OuterEdits brought the community at Bukit Pasoh together for a weekend of festival at the Street of Clans.

Instagram Community Walk with Yafiq and Yais aka The YY Twins

The street was closed and decked out with live music, clan houses open their doors to the public (some for the first time) and got people to step outdoor and play.

Design Makes Life More Interesting

This integrated chill and play space at Millenia Walk was much liked by families with kids! I’m amazed how simple structure and space can keep our little ones entertained and amused for so long. No complain here since I got to sit and chill while they ran amok at the Millenia Walk Design PlaySpace.

Not forgetting the Insta-worthy anti-gravity photo booth set up by Millenia Walk.

Design Improves Business

Through Don’t Play Play Play by Chemistry, I saw how Design is used to help solve everyday problems in business. Like improving the queue system at a bank or designing user experience in a store. And how design is necessary to transform a business.

With fun and interactive game stations, the folks at Chemistry brought creatives, professionals and the public together to talk about how game, design and innovation can be combined to solve business problems.

Design Creates Our Future

What will our future become? How will your actions today affect how our tomorrow will be? Living in our urban Singapore, many who care enough are coming together to discover and design solutions that will make living more sustainable.

At the Singapore Urban Design Festival, put together by LOPELAB, the community gathers to talk about sustainable urban development and offered a glimpse into how our future here may potentially look like.

UDFSG was a 3-day packed festival with talks, showcase, discussions, creations, music, roller skate disco and more. Transforming an under utilised multi-storey carpark into a one-of-a-kind experience at 2019’s Singapore Design Week.

Design Is Everywhere

These are just some of the highlights that I picked amongst the many I experienced at Singapore Design Week 2019. To find out more of what happened, check out these photos and videos below!

Missing the two weeks of hustling with this group of young and energetic team!