MOFT available on Indiegogo

I got my MOFT Laptop Stand from Kickstarter couple days before it closed. Paying USD28 for 2 stands, and I’m glad I supported it. Now it supports my laptop so I don’t have to strain my neck while I work.

I’m using the MOFT, claimed on Kickstarter to be the World’s First Invisible Laptop Stand, on my 15inch and 13inch MBP, holding both steadily and well. I like that it closes flat and doesn’t add much weight to my laptops.

If you’ve gotten the MOFT Laptop Stand too and is having problem balancing your laptop on it, the trick is to stick it towards the back of your laptop and centre aligned it so that it balances both side well.

MOFT is now available on Indiegogo if you’re planning to get yours.

Featured image from MOFT.

Updated 24 April 2019

Today, my MOFT stand on the 15-inch Macbook Pro starts to give way while I’m working on it. Guess the weight of the computer and my hands resting while I typed is softening the stand. You can see in the photos below how the stand starts to fold in the direction that will lower the computer. So fast weakened… I’m sad.