mycreativetype by Adobe Create

I first saw this in Whatsapp shared in my work group chat, but I didn’t react. Then I saw it again on my Facebook feed shared by another creative friend, oh well, I should click and check it out ya?

After choosing either or answers to a few questions, and watching some rather therapeutic graphic motions in full screen with sound, I discovered my creative type.

Oh yes! How true is this! BUT WHAT AMUSED ME was after I clicked to download my result and it came in a zip file… opened it and the results come in all the right sizes and format for social media postings! How awesome!

Of cos, I would not have just uploaded the result to social media and miss the chance to update my blog right?

So My Creative Type is… The Innovator.

The Innovator - MyCreativeType

The INNOVATOR sees everything through the lens of possibilities and progress, problems and solutions. You feel the most yourself when you’re using your intellectual and creative powers to solve problems and dream up new and improved ways of doing things. Your attention is largely focused on the world around you, and you’re constantly probing its structures and systems to find ways to push things forward.

Change may be scary for most people, but for you, it’s fuel for your creative fire. A pioneer and trailblazer, you’re here on this planet to light the way into the future, helping the rest of us learn to adapt and thrive in times of rapid and unpredictable change.

You’re a natural risk-taker, with an insatiable desire to expand boundaries and explore uncharted territories. You’re not one to do things the way they’ve always been done. You thrive when working in service of large-scale change and progress, and your talents equip you well for roles that allow you to experiment and play with ideas.

Beware when the initial spark of inspiration starts to wear off and you feel tempted to move on to the next big thing a little too quickly. INNOVATORS tap into their greater potential when they learn to master the art of the follow-through. By finding joy in the “messy middle” of a venture—not just the excitement of the beginning or the satisfaction of reaching the finish line—you’ll become a true creative powerhouse.

Seek out creative partnerships with MAKER types, who have the stamina and dedication to take any idea from concept to completion. Seeing the MAKER in action reminds you that taking it one step at a time is a much more effective creative strategy than racing to the finish line.

Go try it –