“I’m no expert nor guru. Only sharing what I learned, experienced and tested. And happen to be very passionate with the use of social media.”

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Thanks for surfing into The Claudia Post. This website has been around since 2004 and it started off as a personal blog to document stuff. Since 2008, things started to get more interesting when local bloggers became “media” overnight. That’s when Claudia started writing reviews, new launches, interesting events and what not. Then this blog went silent for awhile, still generating good search results for travel, gadget reviews and food related posts. As such, Claudia has decided to try get rich earn a little pocket money from this website by transforming it to something more search friendly and incorporating tips and tricks learned from Social Media Gurus and SEO experts.

What and Who?

Claudia.sg talks about the latest trends in gadgets, entertainment, lifestyle and social media in Singapore. The person behind this blog is a storyteller and photographer who enjoys meeting people, playing new toys and sharing about the things that matter to her.

In the day, Claudia lives by her passion and drive to spread her knowledge and love for happy things and events.

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